Racial Reconciliation

With our doctrinal understandings secure, we can now do the fun part of theology; apply it.  This space will hopefully become an area where issues of the day can be dealt with; Biblically.  We’ll start with an idea that is working its way into many avenues of life including major Christian denominations (like our own SBC); the idea of racial reconciliation.


Christ is our savior; and as Christians we: know, celebrate, and proclaim this truth every day of our lives.  More than just pulling us from the fires of hell, the salvation of Christ rescues us from every sin that entangles (Hebrews 12:1 – 2), and has effect on every avenue of our lives.  Consider Colossians 3 with a quick rundown/overview.

Verses 1 & 2 tell us we have been raised up with Christ (covered above); therefore we should keep seeking the things of Christ and not of the world.  Why? Because verse 3 tells us that we have died to the old self and we are now hidden in Christ and our revelation as new creations will be shown when Christ reappears (verse 4).

Because of this truth we are dead to our former sins (verse 5) and we rejoice that the wrath due these sins is no longer due to us (verses 6 – 7).  Since we rejoice and love our Savior & our brother (John 13:34 – 35) we reject these sins and live in our new nature as God’s redeemed children (verses 8 – 10); and this status as redeemed children of God makes all people equal before God (verse 11).

We also know from our Bibles that there is only one race; the human race.  All people are descended from Adam through Noah, and all people have the same great need: Christ.

So what?!??  You said this stuff was going to be important to my life!!!!!
This matters today more than ever.  Our world is being pulled apart because the world cannot stand that we are no longer subject to the wrath of God against sin.  Satan’s scheming is not limited overt action, but rather is best employed covertly.  Our modern world is a world devolving into distinctions and differences meant to divide every person on the planet from one another; this worldview is called intersectionality and seeks to create division and class warfare.  This war will attempt to identify you solely based on your: gender, color, religion, or whatever category can divide.  It is not true and those things do not matter to the redeemed child of God.

Racism is an ugly sin that divides people based on nothing more than the external, and racism ugly head is being reared in movements designed to capitalize on: victim-hood, “privilege”, group-think, and guilt.  All of these ideas are abolished by the cross as we stand equal in Christ before our God.

Christ abolishes division and classes.  In the Biblical worldview there are only two categories of people; condemned and redeemed.  The only difference between them is their faith in the salvific work of Christ.  What eliminates racism?  The work of Christ does.  What eliminates greed?  The work of Christ does.  What eliminates every social ill?  The work of Christ does.  The Gospel does not care who you are or where you come from, neither do Christians.

The world and her systems are pushing hard against faithful Christians to accuse them of crimes of which they are not guilty.  Christian, remember each day the sacrifice of Christ.  Each day examine the sin that present in and around us.  Each day, return thankfully to the Savior who loves us and proclaim that great work.