The Slow Down Continues

Yesterday Kameron & I sat down and talked through this whole COV-19 mess, you can listen to it here. Our skeleton for understanding this problem in a Biblical manner was Psalm 46. Many of you probably have the first portion of the 10th verse of that Psalm memorized: Stop striving and know that I am God.

That’s another one of the “coffee cup” verses that many of us know and love; and love to fail to apply to our lives. But with most of the world shut-down, save for the lucky “essential” people; we really don’t get a choice anymore.

For some that means spending more time with immediate family as there are less “extracurricular” things to do.  For others it means binge-watching Netflix, or whatever your preferred streaming service is.  For yet others it is a time when not much has changed; thanks a lot essential status.  As Christians, it should certainly be a time for contemplation and reflection.  Not on our own mortality, but upon God and His: provision, providence, and place in our lives.  Check the sweet alliteration.

On His provision; most of us are in homes, with electricity, and entertainment, and are in no real danger of starving to death.  God has blessed us beyond measure in this country and the vast majority of us (including the church) fail to realize this day in and day out to our shame.

On His providence; God has not looked down from heaven in astonishment at the spreading virus or the carnage it has wrought.  In fact He has providentially and miraculously worked and moved throughout for the temporal good of some; and the temporal harm of others.  But all has been down for the eternal good of His people and the everlasting glory of Himself.

On His place; did we check our bank account?  Did we examine our pantry?  Did we buy more cleaner?  Have we reevaluated where we go and why?  Did we fall down on our knees in prayer and supplication to the great God who is our Savior and Lord?  If the last one is what we did last, we did it wrong; to our shame.  That should be our first inclination, not just when catastrophe strikes, but when we live and move each and every day. 

Be still and know that I am God; is the call not just in tragedy and national shutdown, but each day we walk on the creation He has provided, breathing the air He has given; because we are to be about working in the Kingdom over which He presides.  Don’t waste your shutdown, allow it retrain and remake your mind and heart in alignment with the God of your salvation, so that He will be pre-eminent in your life regardless of the path He places you upon to walk.