Reading through the Bible Week 40

This is not meant to be a beating, but rather a tool to give you some help in reading and understanding God’s word.  If you miss a day, and can “catch up: by doubling up, then sweet.  If you can’t read on certain days, adjust the schedule to fit your life.  I think you will find the schedule pretty easy to maintain if you keep just a bit of discipline.

With that said…………….

This week’s reading:
: Ecclesiastes 6 – 9
Tuesday: Ecclesiastes 10 – 12
Wednesday: Song of Solomon 1 – 4
Thursday: Song of Solomon 5 – 8
Friday: Hebrews 1 – 4
Saturday: Hebrews 5 – 8
Sunday: Hebrews 9 – 13
Monday: Isaiah 1 – 3

Monday: Proverbs 13 – 16
These proverbial statements continue to teach through comparison by contrasting the righteous with the wicked man.
Tuesday: Proverbs 17 – 20
Chapters 17 & 18 continue to teach through comparison by contrasting the righteous with the wicked man.  Chapter 19 begins teaching on living a life of good repute.  Chapter 20 continues these lessons in “practical living”.
Wednesday: Proverbs 21 – 23
These chapters continue to provide wise counsel for the person seeking to “walk in a worthy manner”.
Thursday: Proverbs 24 – 27
Chapter 24 gives wise ideals while warning against sin.  Chapters 25 – 27 instruct further through wise sayings.
Friday: Proverbs 28 – 31
Chapters 28 & 29 continue the wise sayings of Solomon.  Chapter 30 moves to the words of a new “teacher” and praises God’s Word and continues to instruct in Godliness.  Chapter 31 is advice from King Lemuel to his son concluding with an exposition of the perfectly Godly woman.
Saturday: Ecclesiastes 1 – 2
Chapter 1 decries the meaninglessness of life and seeks to answer life’s questions through wisdom.  Chapter 2 expounds the emptiness of earthly pleasures and praises wisdom over folly.
Sunday: Ecclesiastes 3 – 5
Chapter 3 reminds of God and that everything has a time.  Chapter 4 bemoans the oppression of the innocent by the evil.  Chapter 5 calls the reader to check their heart and follow God not the things of the world.