This is not meant to be a beating, but rather a tool to give you some help in reading and understanding God’s word. If you miss a day, and can “catch up: by doubling up, then sweet. If you can’t read on certain days, adjust the schedule to fit your life. I think you will find the schedule pretty easy to maintain if you keep just a bit of discipline.

With that said…………….

This week’s reading:
Monday: Matthew 16 – 19
Tuesday: Matthew 20 – 22
Wednesday: Matthew 23 – 26
Thursday: Matthew 27 – 28
Friday: Exodus 1 – 4
Saturday: Exodus 5 – 7
Sunday: Exodus 8 – 10
Monday: Exodus 11 – 13

Monday: Genesis 43 – 45 Chapter 43 picks up with famine still reigning and trouble for Jacob & his children. The family consents to Josephs demands and returns to set things right. Genesis 44 is the brother’s final test in loyalty to family and they pass. Chapter 45 concludes the brother’s ordeal as Joseph is revealed to them and Jacob is sent for.

Tuesday: Genesis 46 – 48   Chapter 46 recounts those who move from Canaan to Egypt, and God restating His promises to Jacob. Genesis 47 has Israel settling in Egypt and the provision for the people by Joseph. (Note: the ability of Joseph is ultimately what enriches the Pharaoh). Chapter 48 is the blessing of Jacob to Joseph’s children.

Wednesday: Genesis 49 – 50   Genesis 49 sets the stage for the coming books as Jacob pronounces God’s future working over his sons. It is here we see the promise of kingship in Judah. After the pronouncement Jacob dies. Genesis 50 shows us the funeral and mourning for Jacob and the true reconciliation of Joseph & his brothers. (Note: Joseph rightly credits God’s control for his circumstances. The brothers did sin, but ultimately God’s hand directs the action)

Thursday: Matthew 1 – 4 On to the New Testament for a bit—in Matthew 1 you actually get a connection to the Old Testament with a selected genealogy of Jesus; before diving into a very quick description of the virgin Mary being “with child”. Chapter 2 has the Magi visiting (Note: they probably weren’t at the manger and that’s okay). You also see the wickedness of Herod and the protection of Jesus by God. (Note: how did a poor family afford to flee to Egypt? Answer: valuable gifts given my others.) Matthew 3 begins the real purpose of Jesus starting with the ministry of John the Baptist. This crazy man is the forerunner who announces the Messiah as God had promised through the prophets. Chapter 4 begins Jesus’ ministry with the overcoming temptation and remaining sinless in the face of great trial. Having proven His obedience, Jesus begins preaching His message of salvation and training His followers.

Friday: Matthew 5 – 8 The most famous sermon ever preached begins in Matthew 5 with what is required to be saved (perfection). Jesus outlines what the law requires while pointing out the falling short of every person who has ever lived. Chapter 6 continues the call to holiness and instructs on proper prayer (Note: the Lord’s Prayer is more template, than repeat after me) Jesus continues teaching His hearers to focus on God and not themselves. Matthew 7 continues the teaching and moves His holiness call to relationships with each other before bringing home the point that righteousness is found in God. Matthew 8 is after the Sermon and shows the power of Jesus to heal and cast out demons; demonstrating His diving ability.

Saturday: Matthew 9 – 12 Matthew 9 shows more healing power and a declaration of who Jesus has come for (those who know their sin). Chapter 10 names the 12 disciples (Apostles) and gives them their instruction for ministry and teaches about discipleship. Chapter 11 assures John the Baptist that Jesus is the Messiah and declares judgment upon the unrepentant. Matthew 12 challenges the Pharisaical rules while pointing instead to the Godly standard.

Sunday: Matthew 13 – 15 Matthew 13 has Jesus teaching in parables and explaining their meaning to the disciples; in an effort to explain the things to come. Matthew 14 shows us the execution of John the Baptist and two of the most famous miracles; Jesus feeding the 5,000 and the walking on water. Chapter 15 resumes the battle with the Pharisees as Jesus teaches rightly about God and people. We also have more healing and 4,000 being fed.