This is not meant to be a beating, but rather a tool to give you some help in reading and understanding God’s word.  If you miss a day, and can “catch up: by doubling up, then sweet.  If you can’t read on certain days, adjust the schedule to fit your life.  I think you will find the schedule pretty easy to maintain if you keep just a bit of discipline.

With that said…………….

This week’s reading:
: Proverbs 13 – 16
Tuesday: Proverbs 17 – 20
Wednesday: Proverbs 21 – 23
Thursday: Proverbs 24 – 27
Friday: Proverbs 28 – 31
Saturday: Ecclesiastes 1 – 2
Sunday: Ecclesiastes 3 – 5
Monday: Ecclesiastes 6 – 9

Monday: 1 Timothy 1 – 4
1 Timothy 1 urges Timothy to be faithful in doctrine because only true doctrine will save.  Chapter 2 encourages prayerfulness in the church and the role of women.  Chapter 3 lays out the qualifications for overseers (elders or pastors) and deacons.  Chapter 4 warns against apostasy and urges Timothy to discipline.
Tuesday: 1 Timothy 5 – 6
1 Timothy 5 moves to the treatment of widows and their care as well as the honoring of the elders.  Chapter 6 places all under authority from God and urges the congregation to faithful living under right doctrine.
Wednesday: 2 Timothy 1 – 4
2 Timothy 1 reminds Timothy of his faith and encourages that faith to continue.  Chapter 2 continues the exhortation to firm faithfulness without shame.  Chapter 3 warns of coming difficulty and an encouragement to follow the Word.  Chapter 4 charges Timothy to fulfill the work of teaching the Word.
Thursday: Titus 1 – 3 & Philemon
Titus 1 greets Titus and lays out the qualifications for an elder in the church.  Chapter 2 runs down the relationships within the church and how they should function.  Titus 3 encourages and explains Godly living in the world.  Philemon is an encouragement for Philemon to do what is good and release his slave Onesimus so he may minister with Paul.
Friday: Proverbs 1 – 4
Chapter 1 introduces the author (Solomon) and the purpose (Godliness).  Proverbs 2 is a call to wisdom for it brings security to the one who has it.  Proverbs 3 is a reminder of the reward of wisdom and the curse of folly.  Chapter 4 implores the son to listen to the wisdom of his father.
Saturday: Proverbs 5 – 8
Proverbs 5 warns against immorality.  Chapter 6 continues the advice from father to son.  Chapter 7 warns the wise against the immoral women and her “charms”.  Chapter 8 commends wisdom to the reader.
Sunday:  Proverbs 9 – 12
Chapter 9 contrasts the immoral woman by the invitation of wisdom.  Chapters 10 – 12 compare and contrast the righteous and the wicked.