This is not meant to be a beating, but rather a tool to give you some help in reading and understanding God’s word.  If you miss a day, and can “catch up: by doubling up, then sweet.  If you can’t read on certain days, adjust the schedule to fit your life.  I think you will find the schedule pretty easy to maintain if you keep just a bit of discipline.

With that said…………….

This week’s reading:
: Psalm 12 – 14
Tuesday: Psalm 15 – 17
Wednesday: Psalm 18 – 20
Thursday: Psalm 21 – 23
Friday: Psalm 24 – 26
Saturday: Psalm 27 – 29
Sunday:  Psalm 30 – 33
Monday: Psalm 34 – 36

Monday: Job 33 – 35
These chapters continue Elihu’s rebuke as he defends God and rebukes Job.
Tuesday: Job 36 – 38
Chapters 36 & 37 move along with Elihu’s attempt at Godly explanation.  Chapter 38 sees God address Job and question him.
Wednesday: Job 39 – 42
Chapters 39 – 41 (with a small break in chapter 40 for Job to stutter a bit), continue with God’s demonstration of His power and wisdom.  Chapter 42 concludes the book with Job’s repentance as well as His friends before God restores Job.
Thursday: Psalm 1 – 2
Psalm 1 compares the righteous and the wicked.  Psalm 2 challenges earthly rule by pointing to a God who reigns. (Note: This is a Messianic psalm.  God is pointing to what He will do in the work of Christ.)
Friday: Psalm 3 – 5
Psalm 3 is prayer of David.  Psalm 4 is a prayer of trust in God.  Psalm 5 is a prayer of protection.
Saturday: Psalm 6 – 8
Psalm 6 is prayer for mercy.  Psalm 7 is a prayer for refuge and deliverance.  Psalm 8 is a praise of God.
Sunday:  Psalm 9 – 11
Psalm 9 is a prayer of thanksgiving and salvation.  Psalm 10 is plea for the wicked to be judged.  Psalm 11 is a praise of God for His power and provision.