It Has Begun!!!!!

We gathered for worship yesterday, and not only did the world not stop spinning, but it was fun and enjoyable to see so many of our familiar faces back together again.

Now, to be sure, we are not back to “normal”; but we are on track to return to a more normal way of life sooner rather than later. The “trick” for us in the interim, is being grounded with a Biblical perspective. The virus that is still not gone completely is a real virus and a legitimate threat. That threat is magnified by certain age and health factors, and has been the sole focus of our: country, media, and lives for the past 2 months. We have members of our church and community that have been affected by this, there was a real danger for people. We are now however, in a place where we can start returning our lives and, for some people, livelihoods to a regular, manageable “normal”.

We must remember though, some cannot. As the church, we must be keen to remember those who are not able to return physically, actively to our fellowship; and not allow them to fall to the wayside as the speed of our existence picks up again. One of the blessings of these past 2 months has been the lack of things outside of our immediate lives to keep us occupied. For the believer, this should be a blessing. A time to engage our minds and immediate family in a way that evaluates: who we are, what we do, and why we do it. If you did not do that, I encourage you to begin that process and as you add regular things back into your life, do so with an attitude of evaluation of how you spend your: time, talent, and treasure.

Our world has changed over the last couple of months; and we must now engage that world with our proclamation of Christ and His truth, as well as with our living for Him actively day by day. That starts with our immediate family of faith. Let us make sure we do not allow those who are not back to “normal” to fall through the cracks of life. Instead, let us endeavor to ensure they are a part of our body if not physically; then in prayer, concern, and love.

Be careful out there; the world is a weird and dangerous place today. But this has been true for thousands of years; and as people secure in a hope and a future, we can point to the righteousness and peace this lawless world so desperately needs.