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We know there are major differences between Christianity and Islam.  Those differences stem from the distinctions contained within each’s holy book.  This posting is the 1st in what is hopefully a helpful series that highlights those differences.

Judging is such a terribly misunderstood concept in our everyday world.  John MacArthur gives us a grid and encouragement on how and why we should judge the things of this world.

Summer warn you down yet?  Looking for something to help your middle and high school student get prepped for the upcoming school year?  Ken Ham (Answers in Genesis) gives a list of resources that could be a benefit to your teen (or maybe you too).

What does a calling upon my life look like?  Should I even care if I have a “calling”? Perhaps one of the most overused (and abused) phrases in modern Evangelicalism is tackled in here by Kevin DeYoung.  It is short, sweet, and to the point about the idea of ChristianContinue Reading

Jehovah’s Witness’, they are a cult.  They are not a part of Orthodox Christianity.  They do exist.  While sometimes secretive and often times hard to pin down on doctrinal issues, the JW’s are a part of the modern American religious swamp. Sam Storms continues his 10 things series with aContinue Reading

One of the worst heresies to creep into the modern church was born right here in the United States.  The Prosperity Gospel reduces Jesus’ work to the providing of wealth, health, and other riches.  It is a damnable problem and one that has weaseled its way into much of modernContinue Reading

As a children’s song explains the final book of the New Testament: “Revelation….kind of sca-ry….”.  We all want a better handle on the book of apocalyptic prophecy (though I don’t think it is that hard to get); so here is a resource to help. This article explains some of theContinue Reading

Life is not always fun; we get that.  How do we react when life gets rough?  How do we relate to the people of God when we feel the worst? This article helps address the concern of how church (and her people) relate to me when I just do notContinue Reading

What does the Bible say about itself?  This matters as the testimony of God should always matter, and God gets to determine what He is writing. This article lays out some descriptive words as to what the Bible says it is over its’ many books and pages.

From the misery loves company file comes this light-hearted article about what could go wrong (or weird) at a wedding.  Enjoy, and remember; it could always be worse.