Week 37 Resources for Discipleship

Raising children in a God honoring, Scripturally faithful way can be very hard.  Here we are given a quick primer on dealing with the stereotypical way the world attempts to pull our kids away.

Week 36 Resources for Discipleship

Lies, lies are everywhere in the culture.  They lie to us about what our job should mean, what our spouse should look like and do, and everything else you can imagine.  Desiring God tackles a lie about marriage and helps put our understanding of wedlock into its...

Week 35 Resources for Discipleship

We all know at least one person who tells you that you should never hate anything.  We also know at least one person who thinks Jesus is all: sunshine, lollipops, and rainbows.  Jeff Robinson, pastor and Southern Seminary professor, shows us the benefit of the “hate”...

Week 34 Resources for Discipleship

We know there are major differences between Christianity and Islam.  Those differences stem from the distinctions contained within each’s holy book.  This posting is the 1st in what is hopefully a helpful series that highlights those differences.

Week 33 Resources for Discipleship

Judging is such a terribly misunderstood concept in our everyday world.  John MacArthur gives us a grid and encouragement on how and why we should judge the things of this world.