Week 43 Resources for Discipleship

What happens when a Christian dies?  This is a very common question stemming from a normal concern.  Here, Grace to You (John MacArthur) summarizes the answer in a very simple, quick manner.  

Week 42 Resources for Discipleship

What is sin?  When do we commit it; and how does that affect how I live and understand the work of God?  Denny Burk outlines this understanding and quickly shows why it matters.  

Week 41 Resources for Discipleship

If you have kids or grandkids that you would like to get traditional Biblical teaching from a source that is not traditional; I suggest you check out this resource from Answers in Genesis, The Truth Chronicles.  

Week 39 Resources for Discipleship

We all want to have the right thing to say at the right moment; especially during a tragedy.  Tim Challies has a great starting point, by giving us a list of things forbidden from being uttered at his funeral.  (I say amen and demand the same at my funeral.)