February 26-March 4

This is not meant to be a beating, but rather a tool to give you some help in reading and understanding God’s word.  If you miss a day, and can “catch up: by doubling up, then sweet.  If you can’t read on certain days, adjust the schedule to fit your life.  I think you will find the schedule pretty easy to maintain if you keep just a bit of discipline.

With that said…………….

This week’s reading:
February 26
: Numbers 28 – 30
February 27: Numbers 31 – 33
February 28: Numbers 34 – 36
March 1: Mark 1 – 4
March 2: Mark 5 – 8
March 3: Mark 9 – 12
March 4:  Mark 13 – 16
March 5: Deuteronomy 1 – 3

February 19
: Numbers 7 – 9 
Numbers 7 details the offering of the leadership of Israel as Moses prepares to receive more instruction from God. 
Numbers 8 outlines the cleansing and service of the priests.  (Note: Catch the detail that is presented here again.  Nothing is left to chance and nothing is left out.  God has arranged and prepared for everything in His people’s worship.)
Numbers 9 gives further Passover instruction and the arrival of God in the camp of the people as God guides the Israelites through the wilderness.  (Note: With everything instituted, God is now directly dwelling with and leading His people.)
February 20: Numbers 10 – 12 
Numbers 10 instructs on the building of trumpets as a sign to the people as well as the moving of the Israelites. 
Numbers 11 brings more sin from the Israelites as they complain against God and Moses.  God judges the sin, but also provides for His people. (Note: This complaining is in spite of the fact that all that worship and offerings had just occurred, and that God had descended into the camp personally.  Sin is never swayed by the things we see and know, but only changed by the work of God.)
Numbers 12 sees Aaron & Miriam sin in their pride.  God judges this sin as well, but God relents from final punishment. (Note: You are beginning to the see the consistent failing of the Israelites and the mercy of God.  This nation does not deserve any good thing, and should have been killed numerous times; God is patiently showing the pervasiveness of sin and the need for a savior outside of us.)
February 21
: Numbers 13 – 15
Numbers 13 has the 1st spies entering the land and the conflicting reports based upon faith in God.  (Note: The report confirms what God has said He will provide the people, but it continues Israel’s doubting of God to actually bring that provision to pass.  That lack of faith leads to even more sin, as the spies lie to the people.)
Numbers 14 shows the people refuse the land because of their fear and lack of faith.  Only Moses’ intercession spares the people.  Israel attempts to enter the land without God and are unsuccessful.  (Note: Only through the mediation of another are the people spared the judgment their sin deserves.)
Numbers 15 begins a giving of laws for the Israelites as God’s people; you also see the people beginning to take holiness seriously and punish sin themselves.  (Note: The inability to enter the Promised Land spurs the generation to “do better” and teach their children the better way, but it is only temporary as Israel’s history proves.)
February 22: Numbers 16 – 18
Numbers 16 has Israel back at it as: Korah, Dathan, and Abiram rebel against God and Moses.  For their actions, the clans are killed.  The assembly continues in sin and God sends a plague among the people that is stopped as Aaron intercedes for the people.  (Note: Korah’s reasoning is similar to that of today: God is here, we are here, we all belong to God equally.  The world always tries to mitigate against holy living and drive God’s people to be like everybody else.  Also, Aaron’s offering works as he stands between the living and the dead.  Again, redemption has been accomplished by the work of someone other than the guilty, making atonement, and standing on behalf of the guilty.)
Numbers 17 sees God confirming (again) the leadership He has chosen. 
Numbers 18 continues with laws for the Levites and the people.
February 23: Numbers 19 – 21
Numbers 19 continues the instruction of God to the people. 
Numbers 20 sees the death of Miriam (Moses’ sister) and later of Aaron and the provision of God for the people.  (Note: The generations continue and God raises up new leaders for His people.  As great as past people may have been, they are not God.  Moses’ sin against God in this chapter is the reason he will not enter the Promised Land.  The curse of the Law shows itself here; Moses, in spite of his deeds and actions for God is himself not good enough to earn forgiveness.)
Numbers 21 has Israel winning a battle against the Canaanites and the people complaining leading to the judgment.  (Note: Jesus Himself uses the serpent in John 3 to describe His atoning work.  Again the intermediary work of forgiveness for sin is shown in the Old Testament.)
February 24: Numbers 22 – 24
Numbers 22 – 24 contains the prophecies of Balaam.  Brought to curse Israel, Balaam instead follows God and blesses the Israelites.
February 25:  Numbers 25 – 27
Numbers 25 has the Israelites again falling into sin and the intercession by Phinehas for the people.  (Note: Again you see the intercession of a mediator saving the people and stopping judgment.  Jesus’ work is foreshadowed constantly in the Old Testament.)
Numbers 26 numbers the Israelites. 
Numbers 27 continues the law giving and sees Joshua named as Moses successor.